Our office offers treatment in such areas as:
  • Conservative Dentistry - treatment of both carietic and non-carietic defects; endodontics , i.e. canal treatment of teeth with the inflammatory changes of their dental pulp; Whitening of both vital and dead teeth; reconstruction,
  • Pedodontics - treatment of children’s milk and permanent teeth, with the accent on prophylaxis (preventing) caries.
  • Prosthetics - reconstruction of dental defects with the use of permanent (crowns and bridges) and removable fillings (dentures), using the most aesthetic and state-of-the-art solutions,
  • Implantology - filling dental losses with the use of implants,
  • Orthodontics - treating malocclusions in children and adults using removable and permanent dental braces.
  • Dental surgery - oral surgical procedures, e.g. extraction of retained teeth, resections of a root apex, removing cysts, etc.
  • Periodontology - complex treatment of different kinds of inflammation of parodontium, formerly known as paradentosis. Untreated, it may lead to the bone loss (mandibular and maxillary bones) and in consequence, to the loss of teeth; treating oral mucous membrane diseases.
Each patient is treated individually, and prophylactic-treatment plan is discussed jointly in order to achieve the best results of the treatment.

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