Welcome to the website of the Specialist Dentist’s Office in Chociwel.
Our office provides complex specialist treatment and an individual approach to every patient’s needs.
We offer a wide array of services designed to achieve and maintain a healthy smile and to ensure that each patient is fully satisfied with the results of the treatment.

The Specialist Dentist’s Office in Chociwel came into being in 2005. Its owner is a doctor of medicine Katarzyna Betleja-Gromada, dentist - a specialist in the field of periodontology.

Dr Katarzyna Betleja-Gromada graduated from the Pomeranian Medical University, the faculty of Dentistry in 2000. Having finished her internship, she worked as an assistant in the Department of Periodontology of the Teaching Hospital no. 2 Szczecin - Pomorzany (2001-2009) where she conducted classes with the students of the Pomeranian Medical University.
In December 2004, she received a Doctor of Medicine diploma and in March 2009, a title of a periodontologist.
She currently develops her practice in Chociwel, continually raising her professional qualifications by means of participating in numerous courses and symposiums both in Poland and abroad.
Our office cooperates with specialists of different fields of dentistry: Orthodontics, Prosthetics, Dental Surgery.

Our office offers treatment in such areas as:
Combine hunting and angling with dental services!

Next to family dental procedures, we would like to offer you leisure at the bosom of the Polish, clean nature, combined with the possibility of hunting or angling. We are here for hunters and anglers, who prefer hobby trips with the entire family. We help to combine pleasure (hunting, angling, sport) and purpose (dentist, massage, physiotherapy, gym, etc.) The hospitable “Palace on the lake" in Chociwel offers traditional Polish cuisine and relaxation after time games in the woods and by the water.

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