Hunting and angling

Next to family dental procedures, we would like to offer you leisure at the bosom of the Polish, clean nature, combined with the possibility of hunting or angling. We are here for hunters and anglers, who prefer hobby trips with the entire family. We help to combine pleasure (hunting, angling, sport) and purpose (dentist, massage, physiotherapy, gym, etc.) The hospitable “Palace on the lake" in Chociwel offers traditional Polish cuisine and relaxation after time games in the woods and by the water.


We organize hunts in one of the best hunting grounds in Poland, in which there are as many as a couple of hundred of big game animals on one hunting ground. We provide experienced beaters (only hunters), professional preparation of trophies, ethical hunting, medal-worthy game trophies. It is possible to hire guns on site.

We prepare hunting for the following animals:

  • Roe - hunting is organized in May, at the beginning of a hunting season (from 11th May) or during the rutting time (July/August). The hunt may take place from hunting blinds or look-outs as well as by stalking.
  • Deer - hunting organized during one of the most beautiful mystery of nature - the rut (at the end of September). We own hunting grounds on one acreage of which a dozen or so deer bell, making the participation in the hunt an unforgettable experience.
  • Boar - we organize stand hunting at dawn and at dusk and the all-night hunting during the full moon (all year round). They are the most popular hunts among our customers, as it is easy to adjust a family trip to them. When it is permitted by the hunting season, we allow roe or deer cull during the stand hunting.
  • Group hunting - we organize persistence hunting for deer, fallow deer, boar, roe and predators. We provide a traditional frame (hunting signals, displaying dead animals after the hunt, medals, etc.). We always hunt in the best parts of a hunting ground. One group comprises a minimum of 16 hunters. Hunting period: 20 October - 15 January.

Fishing takes place on the developed water basins of the Polish Angling Association. Our customers usually fish on the Starzyc Lake (in the direct vicinity of the “Palace on the lake) and the Kamienny Most Lake (situated 5 km from Chociwel, rich in fish. The host of the hotel provides on-site fishing permits in Poland and fishing license, additional fishing tackle. Directly next to the “Palace on the lake" there is a pier with boats, canoes and water bicycles. Our lake is rich in most types of fish that one is permitted to catch in Poland. We provide your absolute comfort during the all-day fishing adventures - including deliveries of food and beverages to the lake’s pier. All this to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


"Palace on the lake" is part of the former palace buildings dating back to 1912. Currently, there is a functioning hotel here with 15 rooms: 2 suites, 1 marital room, 7 double rooms, 1 three-person room, 1 four-person and 1 five-person room, 2 boxes: (2+2) and (2+3). All the rooms have bathrooms and TV sets. On the ground floor of the hotel, in the fireplace room, there is a restaurant as well as a drink bar; opposite, you will find a conference room with a capacity of 60 seats. Our guests have 11 garages and a fenced, lockable parking lot at their disposal. At the premises of the hotel there is a sauna, a gym, a pool room and outside the hotel you will find a tennis court, an outdoor pool, a children’s playground and a paddling pool; 200 metres from the hotel there is a municipal beach. It is possible to do both motor and water sports (quad and water bicycles hire). We also organize different kinds of procedures for our customers: massage, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, etc. It is also possible to organize a sleigh ride, bike excursion, etc.
Our guests may choose from all board types (HP, VP, All). We serve traditional Old Polish cuisine. It is possible to prepare meals from venison.
Members of our staff speak German and English.

20% rebate for hunters and their families - a dentist, 70 km from the border.
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